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Cancer remains a leading cause of death in Western countries, and treatment of advanced stages of the disease is still limited. Discoveries in the field of cancer immunology and progress in immunotherapy as the first line therapy bring the most exciting times for delivering a potential cure for advanced cancer. Understanding the common mechanisms of tumorigenesis, including changes in tumor microenvironment, immune evasion, and antitumor immune responses, is pivotal for further development of novel therapeutics.

Following early discoveries of connection of autoimmune diseases with cancer, recent advances in T cell biology have revolutionized cancer therapy. Most importantly, standard-of-care chemotherapy and radiation effects have also been linked to immune cell-mediated anticancer effects.  

Importantly, multiple clinical trials using checkpoint blockade agents, ATC transfer therapies, and cancer vaccines show much better outcomes than the most effective chemotherapeutic agents.

The aim of this Special Section is to publish findings that relate to cancer immunology and therapies based on the immune-targeting. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • checkpoint blockade
  • innate immunity
  • adaptive responses
  • vaccines
  • ATC transfer therapy
  • immune evasion
  • immune switch
  • immunosuppression
  • tumor microenvironment

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