Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention

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Despite the great advances made in cancer therapy, prevention remains the cornerstone for diminishing cancer mortality. Accordingly, increasing epidemiology knowledge is crucial for identifying adequate preventive measures. Many efforts have been made to understand what is causing a specific cancer and epidemiology has been essential to guide further studies on the pathophysiology of cancers. Knowing the cancer incidence trends and the risk factors for developing a specific cancer is of unvaluable help for designing strategies that try to increase early detection, ideally at a curative stage. Moreover, this knowledge contributes to develop healthy behaviors that might eventually decrease cancer incidence.

In this section are included studies providing new insights into cancer epidemiology and prevention, mainly offering substantial information that can be used in the prevention of cancer. We particularly encourage the submission of meta-analyses, systematic reviews, and prospective studies, although well designed case-control studies are also acceptable.

The topics for section include, but are not limited to:

  • Primary prevention;
  • Secondary prevention;
  • Epidemiology;
  • Risk factors;
  • Cancer incidence;
  • Cancer prevalence;
  • Gene–environmental interaction;
  • Genetic epidemiology;
  • Population awareness;
  • Preventive campaigns.

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