Cancer Causes, Screening and Diagnosis

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The future of cancerology, considering environmental pollution and technological advancements in cancer screening and diagnosis, is dependent on our efforts today toward better identifying the causes of cancer, improving screening and, also, the establishment and use of new diagnostic tests.

The section “Cancer Causes, Screening and Diagnosis” should provide essential data for the identification of carcinogens linked to physical, chemical, and biological causes as well as social, mental, and behavioral origins by exploration of the responsible molecules.

The physiological and genetic impacts in relation to the occurrence of cancer will be determined. Modern methods in medical imaging and personalized screening could thus help guide clinical decision-making.

This section will promote the rapid publication of contributions on all aspects of the causes of cancer. We encourage the submission of manuscripts that will assess the “physical, chemical, biological, and social” environmental impacts in oncology, and also all methodologies for cancer screening and diagnosis. Systematic reviews and articles relating to significant progress in this area will be included.

➢   Cancer causes


  • Chemical cancerogenesis
  • Physical cancerogenesis
    • Irradiation
  • Biological cancerogenesis
    • Viruses and their pathways
    • Bacteria and their pathway
    • miRNA axis
    • Circular RNA axis
  • Social impact
    • Habit courants
    • Behavioral impact
➢   Screening and diagnoses
  • Biopsies, cytology
  • Cancer-associated antigens
  • Circulating DNA and RNA/oligos
  • Viral infection
  • Bacterial infection
  • Endoscopy
  • Sonography
  • Radiology: tomography (TDM, TEP), scintigraphy, MRI, PET scanning, etc.
  • Personalized screening
  • Markers:
    • Protein and carbohydrate biomarkers in biological liquids (blood, pleura, peritonea, urinary)
    • Immunopathological biomarkers
    • Circulating nucleotides
    • DNA, RNA, histone complex
      • miRNAs
      • Circular DNA
    • Gene analysis and mutagenesis
    • Heteroploid cells
    • Circulating cancer cells

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