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In the current era of precision medicine, cancer biomarkers provide critical data for predicting responses to therapies, generating prognoses of disease outcomes, and in determining oncogenic risk. Biomarkers are increasingly important as companions for drug discovery and development, and can help guide clinical decision-making. This section of Cancers aims to rapidly publish contributions on all aspects of Cancer Biomarkers. We encourage the submission of manuscripts that provide novel biomarkers, systematic reviews, and papers that report significant advances in cancer biomarkers. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Genomic signatures
  • RNA biomarkers
  • miRNA biomarkers
  • DNA biomarkers
  • Protein biomarkers
  • Metabolomic biomarkers
  • Mutational biomarkers
  • Circulating tumor cell (CTC) biomarkers
  • Cellular biomarkers
  • Imaging biomarkers
  • Clinical biomarkers
  • Biomarkers of drug response
  • Biomarkers of genetic predisposition to cancer
  • Biomarkers of cancer outcomes

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