Building Structures

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Section Information

This section of Buildings aims to gather and disseminate research work related to “Building Structures”, as well as to stimulate discussion among researchers, academia, and industry, encouraging the development and application of innovative structural systems and approaches in buildings. This Section welcomes papers comprising experimental studies, numerical studies, and case studies. All topics related to the design, construction, assessment, and retrofitting of building structures are welcome in this section.


  • structural analysis
  • structural modelling
  • structural software engineering
  • experimental studies
  • structural design codes
  • structural repair
  • structural retrofitting and strengthening
  • risk management
  • seismic engineering
  • wind engineering
  • monitoring, sensors, smart structures
  • structural control
  • artificial intelligence
  • neural networks
  • virtual reality and visualization technologies
  • database management
  • BIM
  • digital twins
  • new structural systems
  • innovation in structural engineering
  • structural protection systems
  • case studies

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