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Topical Advisory Panel Members (232)

Dr. Nozar Aghakhani
Neurosurgery Department, Bicêtre University Hospital, Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris (APHP), Université Paris-Sud, Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France
Interests: neurosurgery; epilepsy surgery; spinal cord tumor; syringomyelia; chiari malformation; mild traumatic brin injury
Dr. Shahd Al-Janabi
College of Health and Human Sciences, Charles Darwin University, Darwin, Australia
Interests: attention; cognition; virtual/augmented/mixed reality; human factors; neuroimaging
Unit of Child Neuropsychiatry, Department of Neurosciences, Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital, 00165 Rome, Italy
Interests: intellectual disability; genetic syndromes; neurobehavioral profile; RASopathies
Graduate School of Social Service, Fordham University, New York, NY 10023, USA
Interests: global mental health; suicide assessment, prevention, and intervention; forced migration; mental health treatment utilization and barriers to care; capacity building for suicide prevention in low-resource settings
Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals
Department of Neurological Surgery, Policlinico "G. Rodolico-S. Marco" University Hospital, Catania, Italy
Interests: neurosurgery; neurooncology; neuroanatomy; skull-base surgery
Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals
Department of English, University of Cologne 51149 Cologne, Germany
Interests: bilingualism; language disorders; narrative abilities; executive functions; autism
Department of Basic Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, University of Barcelona, 08035 Barcelona, Spain
Interests: binocular vision; depth perception; binocular rivalry; perception of visual space; attention and consciousness relationships; visual awareness
Department of Cognitive and Information Sciences, University of California-Merced, 5200 N. Lake Road, Merced, CA 95343, USA
Interests: auditory cognitive neuroscience; attention; short-term memory; aging; hearing loss; EEG
HM CINAC. Centro Integral en Neurociencias HM CINAC, HM Hospitales, Madrid, Spain
Interests: Neuroscience; Behavioural neuroscience; Neuroinflammation; Neurodegeneration; Glial cells; Cognition; Learning
Department of Natural, Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Elizabeth City State University Campus of the University of North Carolina, Elizabeth City, NC 27909, USA
Interests: cancer apoptosis; ceramide; glioma; biomarker discovery and theranostics
Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals
Karolinska Institute, Department of Clinical Services, Danderyd University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden
Interests: brain injury rehabilitation; neuropsychology; cognitive training; mild cognitive impairment after disease or trauma
Dr. Ayla Barutchu
Balliol College and Somerville College, University of Oxford, Oxford OX1 3BJ, UK
Interests: multisensory processing; child development; attention and cognition; rehabilitation
Stem Cell Engineering Research Group at iBB, Institute for Bioengineering and Biosciences, Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, 1649-004 Lisbon, Portugal
Interests: Disease modeling; Neurodevelopmental disorders; iPSCs; Brain organoids; Neuronal differentiation; Neuronal function; Gene editing
Biology Department, California State University, Northridge, Northridge, CA, USA
Interests: Schwann Cells; Glia; Neuron-Glia Interaction; Neurobiology; Cell Culture; Molecular Neuroscience; Cellular Neuroscience; Regeneration
Laboratoire de Neurosciences Expérimentales et Cliniques(LNEC), Université de Poitiers, 86000, Poitiers, France
Interests: Dopamine; Cortex; Basal ganglia; plasticity; Parkinson disease; Bahavioral flexibility; Impulse control disorders
Dr. David Berbrayer
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Canada
Interests: Brain injury; Pediatric; General pain; Amputee; Spinal cord; Multiple sclerosis
Department of Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Health, Miami University, 205G Phillips Hall, 420 S. Oak St., Oxford, OH 45056, USA
Interests: anticipatory postural adjustments; distraction; attention; gait; visual control of movement
Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals
Department of Human and Social Sciences, University of Bergamo, 24129 Bergamo, Italy
Interests: dyslexia; neurodevelopmetal disorders; attention; perception; neuropsychological rehabilitation
Dr. Melissa Birkett
Department of Psychology, Southern Oregon University Ashland, OR 97520, USA
Interests: stress; anxiety; social stress; HPA axis; cortisol
Dr. Sophie Blanchet
Institute of Psychology, University of Paris, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, France
Interests: Episodic memory; working memory; neuropsychology; physical activity; event-related potential; neurofeedback; aging; stroke; traumatic brain injury
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