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A section of Brain Sciences (ISSN 2076-3425).

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The mission of the Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience Section is to publish cutting-edge original articles and critical reviews on the molecular and cellular basis of neurological disorders. In particular, the journal covers all aspects of molecular and cellular neuroscience, from genetic analyses of human populations to tissue culture and animal models of neurological disorders. Coverage includes experimental analyses of molecular and cellular events underpinning both developmental and adult plasticity mechanisms of the normal nervous system and occurring as a consequence of neurological dysfunction and in neuronal degeneration and repair. In particular, in relation to the latter subject, this journal section focuses on synaptic maintenance, synaptic de- and reorganization, neuron–glia communication, de- and regenerative neurobiology, molecular genetics, signal transduction, synaptic plasticity, and cell death. Of particular interest are studies using animal models of disease with translational prospects and experimental approaches utilising a bedside-to-bench approach to validate disease signatures from human patients.

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