Behavioral Neuroscience

A section of Brain Sciences (ISSN 2076-3425).

Section Information

The Behavioral Neuroscience Section reports advances in our understanding of the neural mechanisms underlying behavior. This Section publishes articles with major insights into the neural mechanisms of animal and human behavior, from early development to senescence, and highly welcomes articles studying the interplay between behavior and its neurobiological basis, from behavioral to neurophysiological and neuroimaging studies. This Section also publishes studies in psychophysiology (both human and animal). Integrative and translational approaches are appreciated.

Although this Section prioritizes original research articles that report novel findings, it also publishes negative findings and replications of previously reported findings.

Key research areas covered by this Section include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Cognitive neuroscience;
  • Neuroimaging;
  • Psychophysiology;
  • Psychobiology;
  • Psychopharmacology;
  • Sleep, homeostasis, and circadian rhythms;
  • Neural plasticity;
  • Behavioral neurology;
  • Motivation and reward;
  • Learning and memory;
  • Emotion;
  • Attention and consciousness;
  • Spatial attention;
  • Social cognition;
  • Executive function;
  • Perception and sensory processes;
  • Cortex;
  • Dysfunction, pathological conditions, and addiction;
  • Neurophysiology;
  • Electrophysiology.

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