21 March 2023
Brain Sciences | Issue Cover Articles in 2021

The articles below have been selected as the 2021 Issue Cover papers by the Editorial Office of Brain Sciences (ISSN: 2076-3425). These articles came from multiple fields within the scope of neurosciences, including multiple sclerosis, neurodegenerative biomarkers, post-stroke motor recovery, autism, nTMS application, nutrition and cognition, COVID-19 effect, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), muscle motor performance, and music’s effect on the brain. We hope they can provide insights and references for scholars in these fields.

1. “Gray Matter Morphometry Correlates with Attentional Efficiency in Young-Adult Multiple Sclerosis”
by Sindhuja T. Govindarajan, Ruiqi Pan, Lauren Krupp, Leigh Charvet and Tim Q. Duong
Brain Sci. 2021, 11(1), 80;
Available online:

2. “Exosomes as Emerging Biomarker Tools in Neurodegenerative and Neuropsychiatric Disorders—A Proteomics Perspective”
by Boby Mathew, M. Shahid Mansuri, Kenneth R. Williams and Angus C. Nairn
Brain Sci. 2021, 11(2), 258;
Available online:

3. “Targeting GABAC Receptors Improves Post-Stroke Motor Recovery”
by Petra S. van Nieuwenhuijzen, Kim Parker, Vivian Liao, Josh Houlton, Hye-Lim Kim, Graham A. R. Johnston, Jane R. Hanrahan, Mary Chebib and Andrew N. Clarkson
Brain Sci. 2021, 11(3), 315;
Available online:

4. “Brain Molecular Connectivity in Neurodegenerative Conditions”
by Giulia Carli, Giacomo Tondo, Cecilia Boccalini and Daniela Perani
Brain Sci. 2021, 11(4), 433;
Available online:

5. “The Lost Neural Hierarchy of the Autistic Self—Locked-Out of the Mental Self and Its Default-Mode Network”
by Fuxin Lian and Georg Northoff
Brain Sci. 2021, 11(5), 574;
Available online:

6. “The Effect of Depression on Health-Related Quality of Life Is Mediated by Fatigue in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis”
by Stephanie Rodgers, Zina-Mary Manjaly, Pasquale Calabrese, Nina Steinemann, Marco Kaufmann, Anke Salmen, Andrew Chan, Jürg Kesselring, Christian P. Kamm, Jens Kuhle et al.
Brain Sci. 2021, 11(6), 751;
Available online:

7. “Mapping of Motor Function with Neuronavigated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: A Review on Clinical Application in Brain Tumors and Methods for Ensuring Feasible Accuracy”
by Nico Sollmann, Sandro M. Krieg, Laura Säisänen and Petro Julkunen
Brain Sci. 2021, 11(7), 897;
Available online:

8. “Association between Visceral Fat and Brain Structural Changes or Cognitive Function”
by Naoki Ozato, Shinnichiro Saitou, Tohru Yamaguchi, Mitsuhiro Katashima, Mina Misawa, Songee Jung, Kenta Mori, Hiromitsu Kawada, Yoshihisa Katsuragi, Tatsuya Mikami et al.
Brain Sci. 2021, 11(8), 1036;
Available online:

9. “Changes in Sleep Patterns and Disorders in Children and Adolescents with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorders during the COVID-19 Lockdown”
by Oliviero Bruni, Maria Breda, Raffaele Ferri and Maria Grazia Melegari
Brain Sci. 2021, 11(9), 1139;
Available online:

10. “Perinatal Acetaminophen Exposure and Childhood Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Exploring the Role of Umbilical Cord Plasma Metabolites in Oxidative Stress Pathways”
by Neha S. Anand, Ramkripa Raghavan, Guoying Wang, Xiumei Hong, Romuladus E. Azuine, Colleen Pearson, Barry Zuckerman, Hehuang Xie and Xiaobin Wang  
Brain Sci. 2021, 11(10), 1302;
Available online:

11. “Effect of Neck Muscle Fatigue on Hand Muscle Motor Performance and Early Somatosensory Evoked Potentials”
by Mahboobeh Zabihhosseinian, Paul Yielder, Rufeyda Wise, Michael Holmes and Bernadette Murphy
Brain Sci. 2021, 11(11), 1481;
Available online:

12. “Neural Correlates of Music Listening: Does the Music Matter?”
by Mark Reybrouck, Peter Vuust and Elvira Brattico
Brain Sci. 2021, 11(12), 1553;

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