Topical Advisory Panel for section 'Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules'

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Biología Aplicada, University Miguel Hernández, 03202 Elche, Spain
Interests: algae; bioactive compounds; biodiversity; cyanobacteria; cyanotoxin; metabolomic; toxicity
Department of Pharmacognosy-Phytotherapy, Faculty of Pharmacy, 'Grigore T. Popa' University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Iasi, Romania
Interests: pharmacokinetics of natural compounds
Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals
Dr. Zlatina Genisheva
CEB—Centre of Biological Engineering, University of Minho, Campus de Gualtar, 4710-057 Braga, Portugal
Interests: bioactive compound; analytical methods development; plant chemistry; gas and liquid; chromatography; polyphenols; waste and by-product valorization; wine analyses; aroma compounds; grape varieties
Analytical Chemistry Department, Faculty of Sciences, University of Cádiz. Campus Universitario de Puerto Real, 11510-Puerto Real, Cádiz, Spain
Interests: wine; spirits; polyphenols; antioxidants; ageing
Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals
Department of Fruit, Vegetable and Plant Nutraceutical Technology, The Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Chelmonskiego 37, 51-630 Wroclaw, Poland
Interests: bioactive compounds; mass spectrometry; atioxidants; plant nutraceuticals; microencapsulation; functional foods; health-promoting properties
Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals
KM Convergence Research Division, Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine, Daejeon, Republic of Korea
Interests: neuropsychiatric disorders; neuropsychopharmacology; acupuncture; medicinal herbs; neuroprotection; inflammation
Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals
G.B. Elyakov Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Far Eastern Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, 159, Pr. 100 let Vladivostoku, Vladivostok 690022, Russia
Interests: marine bioprospecting; sea anemone venoms; combinatorial peptide libraries; recombinant peptides
Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals
1. Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Seville. Profesor García González Street 2, 41012 Seville, Spain
2. Maimonides Institute for Biomedical Research of Cordoba (IMIBIC), 14004 Córdoba, Spain
Interests: phytochemicals; phenolic compounds; antioxidant; cancer; chemoprevention; olive oil
Department of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Cagliari, I-09042 Monserrato (Cagliari), Italy
Interests: bioactive compounds from plants' extracts (extraction, isolation and chemical characterization); polyphenols; nutraceuticals; antioxidants; health-promoting properties; food waste and by-products valorization; functional foods and dietary supplements; phytochemistry of plant secondary metabolites and botanical pesticide
Dr. Francesca Uberti
Laboratory of Physiology, Department of Translational Medicine, University of Piemonte Orientale (UPO),via Solaroli 17, 28100 Novara, Italy
Interests: bioactive natural extracts; neurotrophins; antioxidant agents
Department of Science and Technology of the University of Sannio, street De Sanctis, 82100 Benevento, Italy
Interests: immunohistochemistry; microscopy; neuroscience; fluorescence; oxidative stress; inflammation; nutraceuticals; lipid peroxidation; bioactive compounds; polyphenols; animal welfare; functional foods; food intake; meat quality
Institute for Biological Research "Siniša Stanković" - National Institute of the Republic of Serbia, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia
Interests: phytochemicals; specialized plant metabolites; chemometrics; natural product chemistry; bioactivity
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