Outstanding Reviewer Award

The Outstanding Reviewer Award is given annually to recognize reviewers who generously contribute their time to reviewing papers and display thoroughness, professionalism, and timeliness while doing so. Winners will be chosen from all previous year's reviewers and revealed by the end of March each year.

The Prize:
– CHF 500;
– A 50% discount on article processing fees valid for one year;
– A certificate.

Number of Winners: 4

Biomedicines Outstanding Reviewer Award
Winner announcement: 31 March 2025

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

– All of the reviewers for Biomedicines in the 2024 will be automatically included.
– Number of review reports;
– The quality and timeliness of review reports.

Past Winners


Simone Battaglia
Ewa Tomaszewska
Francisco Solano
Joaquim Carreras

Award Committee

Dr. Felipe Fregni Chairman
Harvard Medical School
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