4 April 2023
Dr. Luis Augusto Teixeira Appointed Section Editor-in-Chief of Section “Neuromechanics” in Biomechanics

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Luis Augusto Teixeira has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of the Section “Neuromechanics” in Biomechanics (ISSN: 2673-7078).

Name: Dr. Luis Augusto Teixeira
body balance control in young, older and neurologic individuals; interlateral asymmetry of behavior

Prof. Dr. Luis Augusto Teixeira is an Associate Professor of Motor Control and Learning at the School of Physical Education and Sport of the University of São Paulo. He is the head of the Human Motor Systems Laboratory, with a research focus on (i) understanding reactive responses for body balance recovery following unanticipated mechanical perturbations, (ii) translation of perturbation-based balance training principles into programs of motor activities for older adults, and (iii) development of an accelerometry-based smartphone application for clinical evaluation of dynamic body balance. He recently became the Section Editor-in-Chief of “Neuromechanics” in Biomechanics.

The following is a short Q&A with Dr. Luis Augusto Teixeira, who shared his vision for the journal with us, as well as his views of the research area and Open Access publishing:

1. What appealed to you about the journal that made you want to take on the role as its Section Editor-in-Chief?
Being a Section Editor-in-Chief of Biomechanics represents the possibility of participating decisively in the process of scientific advancement in this area of investigation. The Section “Neuromechanics” in particular, is rather appealing by merging neuroscience and behavioral approaches.

2. What is your vision for the journal?
By covering a wide range of topics, Biomechanics represents a reference in this research area for those interested in the quantitative study of biological problems from a mechanical perspective. Open Access means that research findings are available to all, promoting faster and more effective development of knowledge around the world.

3. What does the future of this field of research look like?
The future of this investigation field looks exciting due to the fast advancement of technology for studying biological problems based on mechanical principles. Over the next few years, the field of neuromechanics will witness a deeper interaction between advancements in neurophysiology and techniques of behavioral evaluation founded on biomechanical principles.

4. What do you think of the development of Open Access in the publishing field?
Open Access is an irreversible trend in scientific development in a democratic way, meaning that everyone around the world can have full access to scientific information published in all scientific journals. Thus, Open Access represents a way of disseminating scientific findings without economic barriers.

We warmly welcome Dr. Luis Augusto Teixeira as the Section Editor-in-Chief of “Neuromechanics”, and we look forward to achieving many milestones under his leadership.

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