Genetics and Genomics

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The primary aim of the “Genetics and Genomics” Section is to advance the understanding of the biological processes regulating any organism’s capacity to reproduce, grow and respond to stimuli in both healthy and diseased states. Therefore, we invite geneticists, basic biologists, computational biologist, biotechnologists, pharmacologists, and clinicians to publish original research, methodologies, reviews, and communications that advance the understanding of genetic and genomic processes regulating genome replication and integrity, growth and homeostasis in humans, animals, plants, and unicellular organisms. There is no restriction on the length of submissions. Full experimental details must be provided in original research papers; these can be deposited as supplementary material. The list of keywords below is not exhaustive but rather examples of topics of special interest to this Section.


  • Regulation of Genome Size and Composition
  • Chromatin and DNA Accessibility
  • Regulation of Genome Replication and Repair
  • Drivers of Genetic Diversity and Genome Instability
  • Genomic Selection in Breeding Programs
  • Operon Prediction and Predicted Functions
  • Regulation of Transcription
  • Spatial and Single-Cell Transcriptomics
  • Cell-specific Transcript Processing
  • Diversity of Transcript Processing Machineries
  • Regulation of Transcript Modifications
  • Models of Disease Pathogenesis
  • DNA- and RNA-based interventions
  • Transgenesis and Metabolome Engineering
  • Novel Technologies and Computational Methodologies

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