23 March 2023
Biology | Editor’s Choice Articles

Editor’s Choice Articles are based on recommendations by the scientific editors of MDPI journals from around the world. Editors select a small number of articles recently published in the journal that they believe will be particularly interesting to readers, or important in the respective research area. The aim is to provide a snapshot of some of the most exciting work published in the various research areas of the journal.

We are pleased to present the Editor’s Choice Articles published in Biology (ISSN 2079-7737), and we hope that these papers can help and provide a reference for your academic research. A carefully curated list of high-quality articles can be found below.

1. “Butterfly Wing Color Pattern Modification Inducers May Act on Chitin in the Apical Extracellular Site: Implications in Morphogenic Signals for Color Pattern Determination”
by Joji M. Otaki and Yugo Nakazato
Biology 2022, 11(11), 1620;
Available online:

2. “Visual Monitoring Strategies of Sentinels in a Cooperative Breeder
by Guy Beauchamp and Reed Bowman
Biology 2022, 11(12), 1769;
Available online:

3. “Endophytic Pseudomonas sp. from Agave palmeri Participate in the Rhizophagy Cycle and Act as Biostimulants in Crop Plants
by Qiuwei Zhang, Kathryn L. Kingsley and James F. White
Biology 2022, 11(12), 1790;
Available online:

4. “Linoleate-Enrichment of Mitochondrial Cardiolipin Molecular Species Is Developmentally Regulated and a Determinant of Metabolic Phenotype
by Genevieve C. Sparagna, Raleigh L. Jonscher, Sydney R. Shuff, Elisabeth K. Phillips, Cortney E. Wilson, Kathleen C. Woulfe, Anastacia M. Garcia, Brian L. Stauffer and Kathryn C. Chatfield
Biology 2023, 12(1), 32;
Available online: 

5. “An Overview of D7 Protein Structure and Physiological Roles in Blood-Feeding Nematocera
by Patricia H. Alvarenga and John F. Andersen
Biology 2023, 12(1), 39;
Available online:

6. “Rapid Response to Experimental Warming of a Microbial Community Inhabiting High Arctic Patterned Ground Soil
by Kevin K. Newsham, Birgitte Kortegaard Danielsen, Elisabeth Machteld Biersma, Bo Elberling, Guy Hillyard, Priyanka Kumari, Anders Priemé, Cheolwoon Woo and Naomichi Yamamoto
Biology 2022, 11(12), 1819;
Available online:

7. “A Biomarker Approach as Responses of Bioindicator Commercial Fish Species to Microplastic Ingestion: Assessing Tissue and Biochemical Relationships
by Xavier Capó, Merce Morató, Carme Alomar, Beatriz Rios-Fuster, Maria Valls, Montserrat Compa and Salud Deudero
Biology 2022, 11(11), 1634;
Available online:

8. “Brain-Derived Estrogen and Neurological Disorders
by Darrell W. Brann, Yujiao Lu, Jing Wang, Gangadhara R. Sareddy, Uday P. Pratap, Quanguang Zhang, Rajeshwar R. Tekmal and Ratna K. Vadlamudi
Biology 2022, 11(12), 1698;
Available online:

9. “Wide-Field Calcium Imaging of Neuronal Network Dynamics In Vivo
by Angela K. Nietz, Laurentiu S. Popa, Martha L. Streng, Russell E. Carter, Suhasa B. Kodandaramaiah and Timothy J. Ebner
Biology 2022, 11(11), 1601;
Available online:

10. “Methionine Metabolism Is Down-Regulated in Heart of Long-Lived Mammals
by Natalia Mota-Martorell, Mariona Jové, Rebeca Berdún, Èlia Òbis, Gustavo Barja and Reinald Pamplona
Biology 2022, 11(12), 1821;
Available online: 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the research groups that submitted manuscripts to Biology.

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