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Regenerative Engineering is a multidisciplinary platform aiming to facilitate the development of novel technologies towards tissue regeneration as well as de novo biofabrication of living tissues and organs. Stemming from a classical tissue engineering concept (cells, scaffolds, signaling molecules and the microenvironment), regenerative engineering advances into the areas of biomaterials including nanomaterials, drug carriers, bioinks, 3D printing, organoids, microfluidics, microfabrication, bioprocessing, sensors, and personalized medicine. Of particular interest is the application of advanced experimental tools based on machine learning and AI-based methods for disease diagnostics, including cancer, and the computational modeling of the systems’ in vitro and in vivo performance. Download Section Flyer


  • Stem cells, cell and gene therapy, and tissue engineering
  • Biomaterials, including bioinspired and biomimetic materials, materials’ functionalization and mechanical testing
  • Drug/gene delivery systems and a controlled release of bioactives
  • Nanomaterials, nanocarriers, and nanoparticle tracking
  • Bioinks, 3D printing, and additive manufacturing
  • Microfabrication, bioprocessing, automation, and scale-up
  • Bioartificial organs, organoids, and organ-on-a-chip technologies
  • Advanced experimental tools, including computational, 3D in vitro and in vivo models
  • Patient-specific therapies and clinical translation

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