Nanotechnology Applications in Bioengineering

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“Nanotechnology Applications in Bioengineering” provides a forum for the science of converging technologies, applied to advanced engineering approaches to use in biological processes. As part of nanotechnology, matter is manipulated at the nanoscale (dimensions between 1 and 100 nm) and includes the modification of natural biopolymers and design of synthetic nano-objects (nanoparticles, nanoplates and nanofibers). Of particular interest is the application of new nanotechnological approaches to design nano-structural materials for, e.g., three-dimensional (3D) printing, bioprinting, and tissue engineering, areas with emerging potential in, e.g., food engineering, biology, and medicine.


  • Synthesis, characterization, production, and applications of biomaterials
  • Surface modifications and their biological effects
  • Cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, immunogenic properties of nanostructured materials
  • New processing methods applied to food engineering
  • Applications in, e.g., tissue engineering, wound dressings, cell models, artificial skin, cancer models, and encapsulation for controlled release

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