Biosignal Processing

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"Biosignal Processing" is a multidisciplinary section aiming to facilitate the development of novel research, methodologies, software, and hardware systems in the measurement and analysis of signals and images in bioengineering sciences. Emphasis is placed on contributions dealing with the practical, applications-led research on the use of methods, processing strategies, and devices in bioengineering, as well as the application of advanced experimental tools based on machine learning and AI for medical diagnostics and biosignal processing. Contributions may cover broader and specific aspects of biosignals, techniques of processing and analysis, instrumentation, health monitoring and wearable system, rehabilitation and clinical processes, biomedical imaging, image processing and visualization, biosensors, and AI biomedical devices.


  • Biosignals
  • Biomedical imaging
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Medical diagnosis
  • EEG
  • ECG
  • EDA
  • Speech
  • MRI
  • PET
  • Health monitoring
  • Wearable systems
  • Rehabilitation engineering and clinical engineering
  • Image processing and visualization
  • Biosensor technology
  • Bioelectrical and neural engineering
  • AI biomedical systems
  • Biosensors
  • Devices
  • Lab-on-chip and organ-on-a-chip instrumentation
  • Smart sensing and predictive modelling
  • 4.0-ehanced biomedical systems

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