Sensory Analysis of Beverages

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Section Information

This Section covers all aspects related to beverages perception and sensory science, including consumer studies and tests conducted with trained panels. Some of these studies may include the impact of raw materials or variations in beverages making on their organoleptic properties, the relationship of physicochemical and sensory properties, consumers’ opinion of different intrinsic/extrinsic beverages properties, new methods to study the sensory properties of beverages, new beverage development using a consumer-centered approach, cross-cultural studies on beverage perception or choice, etc.

The scope of this Section includes:

  • Consumer studies;
  • Sensory methods for beverages characterization;
  • Sensory properties of beverages;
  • Physicochemical relationship with sensory properties;
  • Cross-cultural perception of beverages;
  • Emotional response elicited by beverages;
  • Explicit/implicit methods to study responses to beverages’ sensory properties.

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