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Italian Society of Vestibology (VIS)

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The Italian Society of Vestibology (VIS), established in 2013, is the first scientific Italian association that brings together experts and scholars of the function and disorders of balance. The VIS aims to involve all those interested in basic sciences (anatomy, histology, physiology, biochemistry, physics, etc.) and clinical/application sciences (otorhinolaryngology, audiology, neurology, neurophysiology, neuroradiology, neuropharmacology, neurophysiatry, neurophthalmology) concerning vestibular systems, and its representations in the central nervous system that could cause diseases characterized by vertigo and imbalance, as well as other related symptoms. Among the various purposes of the VIS, the aim of contributing to the training of new professionals with high training in the field of diagnosis and treatment of diseases involving the vestibular system is a priority. At the same time, VIS intends to promote, disseminate, and validate correct and up-to-date scientific information both to professionals and to patients suffering from problems related to disorders of the vestibular apparatus. A national scientific congress is organized annually to gather the experiences of most experts in the field, so that it is an indispensable event for the dissemination of the most recent scientific and clinical findings concerning imbalance disorders. The Board of Directors currently in office and chaired by Prof. Augusto Pietro Casani. It aims to continue in the path traced by the founder (Giorgio Guidetti), expanding the horizons of the Society through the increase in collaboration with important national scientific institutions and involving in an increasingly effective way all those who in various ways show interest in the deepening of issues concerning the vestibular system and, more generally, the complex system of balance.

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