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Italian Aerosol Society (IAS)

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The Italian Aerosol Society (IAS) is member of the European Aerosol Assembly (EEA) and gathers researchers, professionals, and students dealing with atmospheric aerosols science. The society includes people who believe that an exchange of information and experiences is the way to enhance individual and professional growth and is a necessary condition for scientific progress within the community. IAS is also convinced that the complex field of atmospheric aerosols, with important scientific, health, and environmental implications (and therefore economic and social as well), requires contributions from the many diverse areas of expertise that represent “all the souls in the world of particulate matter”. The main objectives of IAS are: promote research on aerosols considering all the scientific aspects; promote the dissemination of interdisciplinary information relating to the scientific sector of aerosols through publications and meetings between members of the association and the public; encourage international cooperation and information exchanges related to the same sector; promote initiatives aimed at a greater dissemination of knowledge regarding aerosols and the training of new researchers in this field.

Working Group of Air Quality in European Citizen Science Association (ECSA)

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The vision of the ECSA Air Quality WG is to support citizen science communities working on air quality across Europe to become mobilized and learn from each other's experiences. From 2019, we are organizing an annual "European Clean Air Day", aimed at engaging citizens in creating a collaborative pan-European air quality map.

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