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The climate is what you expect, the weather is what you get. The Climatology section of Atmosphere focuses on the long-term evolution of processes and phenomena within the atmosphere. The scope of the section encompasses past (paleo) and present-day climates, and their future projections. Included within the scope of the section is the impact of external climate drivers such as greenhouse gas forcing, solar, anthropogenic aerosol, and volcanic forcing; the interface with boundary forcing from land-use change, cryosphere, and oceans. Areas of interest include the tropics, midlatitudes, and the polar regions. Tropospheric phenomena including Hadley, Walker, and monsoon circulations, subtropical and midlatitude jets, and atmospheric blocking. The scope of the Climatology section also covers stratosphere and mesosphere processes and variability, including external influence from trace gas and GHG changes (e.g., stratospheric ozone), and phenomena such as sudden stratospheric warmings, the quasi-biennial oscillation, and the Brewer–Dobson circulation.


  • Global and regional climate
  • Climate change and variability
  • Paleoclimate
  • Atmosphere dynamics
  • Long-term observations
  • Modeling
  • Monsoons
  • Hadley and Walker circulations
  • Solar cycle
  • Volcanic forcing
  • Modes of variability (e.g., ENSO, NAO, MJO, PDO)
  • Atmospheric blocking
  • Teleconnections
  • Stratosphere–troposphere coupling
  • Sudden stratospheric warmings
  • Quasi-biennial oscillation
  • Geoengineering

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