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Food Science and Technology

A section of Applied Sciences (ISSN 2076-3417).

Section Information

The Section on Food Science and Technology deals with the advancement of food quality; (bio)chemical characterization such as of nutritional composition, flavor compounds (volatiles and non-volatile compounds), bioactive compounds (antioxidants and other phytochemicals), and bioactivity; microbiological issues; and the design and evaluation of new formulated foods. It also includes some other aspects related to food technology, such as the effects of processing, stor-age, and preservation to maintain not only the quality but also the safety of foods. The main focus is on novel techniques for analytical purposes that could lead to increased food quality and safety and the development of new foods and in-gredients. Applied Sciences, in general, and this Section on Food Science and Technology, in particular, offer high-quality peer review followed by rapid publication. Download Section Flyer

Subject Area

Food science

Food microbiology

  • Microorganisms required for food fermentation
  • Use microorganisms to produce enzymes for food production
  • Harmful microorganisms in food

Food components and nutrition

  • Application of novel analytic methods and devices for the determination of protein, fat, carbohydrates, calories, inorganic salts, and major and minor components in food and other nutrients
  • Extraction, analysis, and applications of bioactive compounds in food, such as polyphenols, flavonoids, carotenoids, etc.
  • Functional food and its development
  • Food composition and its impact on health
  • Food analytical methods, including electrochemistry, chromatography, spectroscopy, and others

Food technology and processing

Thermal/non-thermal processing

Plasma technology

Pulsed electric field and high voltage technology

Ultrasonic technology

Food biotechnology

  • Fermentation
  • Enzyme engineering
  • Protein engineering
  • Genetic engineering
  • 3D printing of food

Automation in the food production process

Food storage and preservation

Food refrigeration

Food packaging

Food storage

  • Canning, freezing, drying, etc.
  • Studies on the storage conditions of special foods

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