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Environmental Sciences

A section of Applied Sciences (ISSN 2076-3417).

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Subject Areas


Water quality and infrastructure
Water resources related technologies
Water purification, recycling and reuse
Monitoring, alert, and treatment

Water pollution
Biological pollutants
Chemical pollutants
Physical pollutants
Emerging contaminants

Surface water
Drainage-basin management


Air quality and climate
Meteorological observation and numerical simulation of atmospheric boundary layer
Simulation and forecast of small and medium-scale weather systems
Climate change
Global warming
Extreme climate

Atmospheric chemistry
Aerosols and clouds
Pollution meteorology

Air pollution
Sulfur dioxide SO2(fuel combustion)
Suspended particulate matter TSP (dust, smoke, PM10, PM2.5)
Nitrogen oxide NOx (exhaust gas)
Atmospheric photochemical pollution (ozone)
Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs (benzene, hydrocarbons, formaldehyde)


Soil environment and restoration
Soil pollution in agricultural land, urban industrial sites, mining areas and oil fields
Soil pollution by heavy metals and phytoremediation
Soil erosion
Soil cultivation and improvement
Soil pest control

Plant nutrition and fertilizer
Nitrogen cycle
Plant nutrition and soil fertility
Precision fertilization
Soil environmental stress
Agricultural Technology

Urban environment

Environmental Health
Toxicology and Environmental Epidemiology
Wildlife and contaminants
Impact of chemicals/pollutants on human and animal health
Heat island phenomenon
Light pollution
Noise pollution
Building environment and energy applications
Energy conservation

Ecological environment

Natural hazard
Natural resource management
Regional cleaner production and resource recycling
New energy utilization
Terrestrial biology and ecology
Aquatic biology and ecology
Stress ecology in marine, freshwater, and terrestrial ecosystems


Radioactive contamination and radiation exposure
Solid waste treatment and disposal
Agricultural environmental
Industrial environmental
Environmental geology
Environmental oceanography
Environmental physics

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