Applied Thermal Engineering

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Section Information

Applied Thermal Engineering is open to receiving high-quality state-of-the-art reviews, original full research, short communications, and case studies, covering all technologies based on heat transfer processes. Therefore, challenging works dealing with applied thermodynamic problems up to real applications are welcomed in this section. Both theoretical and experimental works with rigorous and replicable methodology can be submitted in this section.

Both basic and applied research and anything in between is acceptable in this section, and many different applications can be covered, such as domestic, commercial, industrial, marine, aeronautics, aerospatial, transport, primary/secondary/tertiary sector, and clean energy. Download Section Flyer

Subject Areas

  • Heat transfer problems
    • Convective
    • Conductive
    • Radiation
    • Heat exchangers
  • Energy conversion
    • Heat-to-power
    • Power-to-heat
    • Combined heat and power
    • Combined cold, heat and power
    • Hydrogen
  • Combustion
    • Internal combustion engines
    • Gas turbines
    • Boilers  
  • Cycles
    • Rankine
    • Brayton
    • Stirling
    • Absorption
    • Adsorption
  • Mini- and micro-channels
  • Heat transfer technologies
    • Heat pipe
    • Heat pump (different temperatures)
    • Micro-electronics cooling
  • Zero-emission technologies
    • Photovoltaic Thermal
    • Renewable energy with energy storage
    • Phase change materials
    • Fuel cells
  • 4E analysis
    • Energetic
    • Exergetic (including advanced)
    • Economic
    • Environmental
    • Exergoeconomic and/or exergoenvironmental

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Special Issues

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