9 March 2023
Antioxidants | Top 10 Most Cited Papers on Kidneys

World Kidney Day, this year marked on March 9th, aims to raise awareness about the importance of kidney health and reduce the global prevalence of kidney diseases. On this occasion, we would like to recommend 10 kidney-related papers published in Antioxidants (ISSN: 2076-3921) since 2020, and we hope you enjoy reading them.

1. “Chronic Kidney Disease as Oxidative Stress- and Inflammatory-Mediated Cardiovascular Disease”
by Alina Podkowińska and Dorota Formanowicz
Antioxidants 20209(8), 752;
Full text available online:

2. “Shikonin Induced Program Cell Death through Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species in Renal Cancer Cells”
by Ming-Feng Tsai, Shih-Ming Chen, Ann-Zhi Ong, Yi-Hsuan Chung, Pei-Ni Chen, Yi-Hsien Hsieh, Yu-Ting Kang and Li-Sung Hsu
Antioxidants 202110(11), 1831;
Full text available online:

3. “Oxidative Stress Markers in Chronic Kidney Disease with Emphasis on Diabetic Nephropathy”
by Nina Vodošek Hojs, Sebastjan Bevc, Robert Ekart and Radovan Hojs
Antioxidants 20209(10), 925;
Full text available online:

4. “Protective Effects of SPA0355, a Thiourea Analogue, Against Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Acute Kidney Injury in Mice”
by Jung-Yeon Kim, Jaechan Leem and Hyo-Lim Hong
Antioxidants 20209(7), 585;
Full text available online:

5. “Hippuric Acid Promotes Renal Fibrosis by Disrupting Redox Homeostasis via Facilitation of NRF2–KEAP1–CUL3 Interactions in Chronic Kidney Disease”
by Bowen Sun, Xifan Wang, Xiaoxue Liu, Longjiao Wang, Fazheng Ren, Xiaoyu Wang and Xiaojing Leng
Antioxidants 20209(9), 783;
Full text available online:

6. “Sirtuins and Renal Oxidative Stress”
by Yoshio Ogura, Munehiro Kitada and Daisuke Koya
Antioxidants 202110(8), 1198;
Full text available online:

7. “Catalytic Antioxidants in the Kidney”
by Yu Ah Hong and Cheol Whee Park
Antioxidants 202110(1), 130;
Full text available online:

8.Dendropanax morbifera Protects against Renal Fibrosis in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats”
by Richa Sachan, Amit Kundu, Prasanta Dey, Ji Yeon Son, Kyeong Seok Kim, Da Eun Lee, Hae Ri Kim, Jae Hyeon Park, Su Hyun Lee, Jung-Hwan Kim et al.
Antioxidants 20209(1), 84;
Full text available online:

9. “Oxidative Stress in ESRD Patients on Dialysis and the Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases”
by Jacek Rysz, Beata Franczyk, Janusz Ławiński and Anna Gluba-Brzózka
Antioxidants 20209(11), 1079;
Full text available online:

10. “Melatonin Prevents Transforming Growth Factor-β1-Stimulated Transdifferentiation of Renal Interstitial Fibroblasts to Myofibroblasts by Suppressing Reactive Oxygen Species-Dependent Mechanisms”
by Jung-Yeon Kim, Jae-Hyung Park, Eon Ju Jeon, Jaechan Leem and Kwan-Kyu Park
Antioxidants 20209(1), 39;
Full text available online:

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