Animal System and Management

A section of Animals (ISSN 2076-2615).

Section Information

The Section “Animal System and Management” promotes the development of animal management by publishing high-quality papers covering all aspects of the broad field of animal management and their systems. Papers should provide new knowledge or recent findings as original research or reviews on animal production including, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • animal management of livestock, fisheries, aquaculture, and wildlife, and in urban environments;
  • livestock systems;
  • techniques, technologies, and best practices;
  • efficiency of livestock processes and the supply chain;
  • sustainability of animal systems.

The target of research should be animal health and welfare; improved environmental, economic, or social sustainability; and, in general, new advances in livestock production systems.

All manuscripts submitted for publication under this Section will undergo the usual high-quality peer-review process of Animals  and, if accepted, will be published rapidly online.

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Special Issues

Following special issues within this section are currently open for submissions:

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