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The Animal Reproduction section of the journal Animals focuses on the study of reproductive processes in animals, covering a wide range of species and research areas. It serves as a platform for researchers to share their findings and advancements in the field of animal reproduction.

Embracing a multidisciplinary approach, this section welcomes submissions on various facets of animal reproduction, including, but not limited to, reproductive physiology, breeding strategies, endocrinology, behavior, genetics, embryology, and assisted reproductive technologies. Researchers can explore topics such as reproductive cycles, mating behaviors, reproductive hormone regulation, gamete production and function, fertilization mechanisms, embryonic development, gestation, and reproductive disorders.

The Animal Reproduction section encourages both experimental and theoretical studies, fostering a comprehensive understanding of reproductive processes across different animal groups. Original research articles, reviews, and methodological papers are welcomed, with the aim of contributing to the broader knowledge base and facilitating advancements in animal reproduction research.

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