Sections - Animals

Animal Ethics 106 Articles

Animal Genetics and Genomics 828 Articles

Prof. Dr. Michael E. Davis  

Animal Nutrition 1544 Articles

Prof. Dr. Sven Dänicke  

Animal Physiology 501 Articles

Prof. Dr. Michael Hässig  

Animal Reproduction 736 Articles

Dr. Roy Neville Kirkwood  

Animal System and Management 628 Articles

Dr. Cesare Castellini  

Animal Welfare 998 Articles

Aquatic Animals 703 Articles

Dr. Kenji Saitoh  

Birds 124 Articles

Dr. Jukka Jokimäki  

Cattle 671 Articles

Prof. Dr. Marina Von Keyserlingk  

Companion Animals 605 Articles

Dr. Mandy Paterson  

Ecology and Conservation 255 Articles

Dr. Bertram Ostendorf  

Equids 587 Articles

Dr. Chris W. Rogers  

Human-Animal Interactions, Animal Behaviour and Emotion 352 Articles

Pigs 512 Articles

Dr. Gareth Pearce  

Public Policy, Politics and Law 48 Articles

Dr. Steven P. McCulloch  

Poultry 726 Articles

Prof. Dr. Velmurugu Ravindran  

Small Ruminants 364 Articles

Prof. Dr. Stephen J.G. Hall  

Veterinary Clinical Studies 959 Articles

Prof. Dr. Cinzia Benazzi  

Wildlife 632 Articles

Dr. Daniel Ramp  

Zoo Animals 120 Articles

Prof. Dr. Xavier Manteca  

Herpetology 121 Articles

Dr. Franco Andreone  

Mammals 46 Articles

Prof. Dr. Pablo Sánchez Quinteiro  

Animal Products 81 Articles

Dr. Guillermo Ripoll  


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