Genotype Evaluation and Breeding

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The Section "Genotype Evaluation and Breeding" aims to publish high-quality scientific contributions providing novel insights into the impact of methods, tools, and analysis for plant breeding trials. We will consider for publication research manuscripts and reviews on phenotyping methods, genotype-by-environment interactions, genotype stability across sites or over years, optimum plot size and shape, appropriate number of environments (sites, seasons or years) and replications for breeding trials, plus the use of multi-trait selection index in breeding. Research on association genetics (GWAS) and genomic prediction (GEBV) based on replicated multi-environment trials, as well as using best linear unbiased estimators (BLUEs) or predictors (BLUPs), and co-ancestry as covariate in breeding trials are especially welcome. We request the submission of articles providing novel omics data on genotype-by-environment interactions and phenotypic stability or plasticity. We encourage the scientific community to provide significant and innovative contributions to enhance our knowledge on genotype evaluation (including phenomics and handling of big data) for further use in breeding and cultivar development.


Association genetics; BLUEs, BLUPs, genotype-by-environment interaction; GEBV, GWAS, multi-enviroment testing; cultivar development; field plot techniques; multi-trait selection index; omics; phenomics; phenotyping methods; plasticity; stability analysis

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