Ecosystem, Environment and Climate Change in Agriculture

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Over the last decades, food production has increased considerably. However, with the increase in world population, agriculture is facing a considerable challenge: producing more in a more sustainable way. Additional knowledge and background information are needed about the relationships between agricultural intensification and sustainability, natural resources exploitation and environmental impact, innovative food systems and ecosystem services.

The Section “Ecosystem, Environment, and Climate Change in Agriculture” focuses on original research and reviews on interactions between agriculture, ecosystems, environment, and climate change. Within this framework, studies concerning the sustainable and efficient use of resources, the optimization of agricultural processes, environmental impact assessment and mitigation, and the sustainable exploitation of by-products and waste are welcome, as are other related topics in the form of both specialized and interdisciplinary manuscripts. 


sustainable crop production; ecosystem services; mitigation solutions; life cycle assessment; impact assessment; precision agriculture and livestock; water–energy–food nexus

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