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The Section “Digital Agriculture” aims to advance scientific knowledge in the field of information technologies applied to agriculture. The section welcomes original papers and review articles that provide new insights into smart sensors and networks, automation and control systems, modeling, decision support systems, machine vision, image processing, telemetry, small medium and big data, data mining and analytics, and all of the hardware and software technologies that promote knowledge, sustainability, and the quality and profitability of agricultural operations. Attention will be given to field as well as laboratory experiments, to simulations and models on smart agricultures including, but not limited to, cereals and industrial crops, greenhouses, fruit orchards, vineyards, horticulture, and animal husbandry.

Agricultural researchers, biologists, data scientists, engineers, and information technology researchers are encouraged to provide significant and innovative contributions to promote digital transformation in agriculture.


Machine learning; deep learning; neural network; artificial intelligence; Computer vision; Decision support system; Automation; Robotics; Agricultural robots; Internet of things; Precision agriculture; smart farming; digital agriculture; Sensors; Remote sensing; Proximal sensing; Monitoring; Data acquisition; Real-time; Semantics; Data mining; Vegetation indices; NDVI; Numerical model; prediction

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