Crop Protection, Diseases, Pests and Weeds

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The Section "Crop Protection, Diseases, Pests, and Weeds" aims to publish high-quality scientific multidisciplinary contributions demonstrating the integration of different control methods into crop protection. We will consider for publication studies on traditional and innovative strategies to control of phytopathogens, phytophagous insects, and weeds, especially in the context of sustainable agriculture. We encourage the scientific community to highlight the practical aspects and the potential applications of their research. Topics covered by the Section include: integrated pest and weeds management; studies on the mechanism of action of new and traditional pesticides; environmental effect of pesticides; biological control; studies of plant–microbe interactions; the use of natural compounds as antimicrobic, fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, and other in crop protection; effect of invasive alien species in agroecosystems; and sampling and monitoring schemes for diseases. 


integrated pest management; biological control; invasive alien species; natural compounds; new and traditional pesticides; plant–microbe interaction; toxicology; action mechanism

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