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A section of Agriculture (ISSN 2077-0472).

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The section “Crop Production” aims to publish high-quality scientific papers describing the impact of agricultural practices on crop productivity, profitability, and sustainability of cropping systems, with the goal of identifying best farming practices for local and international growers. Target crops under investigation include field crops, fruits and vegetables, forage crops, medicinal herbs, and ornamental plant species. We welcome article submissions on crop growth and yield as affected by crop management techniques, such as seed priming methods, tillage practices, soil amendments, plant nutrition, biofertilizers, biostimulants, crop rotations, irrigation methods, weed–crop competition, novel weeding methods, and plant growth regulators. We encourage innovative contributions that enhance our understanding of novel methods in current agricultural practice and provide opportunities for maximizing crop growth and yield.


agricultural practices; crop yield; productivity; sustainability; profitability; field crops; fruits and vegetables; forage crops; medicinal herbs; ornamental

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