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The technological progress of control systems has led to the rapid development of industrial control in the fields of automobile systems, mechatronic systems and communication systems, as well as the petrochemical industry. In addition to their use in industry, control systems are also widely employed in agriculture, transportation, water conservancy and other critical infrastructure. With the rapid development of digital, networked and intelligent technologies, an increasing number of intelligent devices are being used alongside control systems, in order to meet the various needs of intelligent, complex and multifunctional systems in different application fields.

Actuators play an important role in control systems. According to the received control signals, they maintain the controlled variables within a certain variation range. The “Control Systems” section in this journal aims to report novel contributions pertaining to actuators with advanced control system technologies in the field of their applications, integration, design methods and theories, as well as case studies. The topics in this section include, but are not limited to, (1) new actuators for control systems, (2) novel control methods, such as intelligent control, and fault and attack-tolerant control, (3) case studies of actuator applications in emerging control systems, such as cyber-physical systems, man–machine systems, and intelligent systems.

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