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Scientific Advances in STEM

Synergies to Achieve Success. 2nd Edition

Yadir Torres Hernández,
Ana María Beltrán Custodio and
Manuel Félix Ángel
, Eds.
Published: September 2022
Pages: 302
ISBN 978-3-0365-5193-7 (hardback); ISBN 978-3-0365-5194-4 (PDF)
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Following a previous topic (Scientific advances in STEM: from professors to students;, this new topic aims to highlight the importance of establishing collaborations among research groups from different disciplines, combining the scientific knowledge from basic to applied research as well as taking advantage of different research facilities. Fundamental science helps us to understand phenomenological basics, while applied science focuses on products and technology developments, highlighting the need to perform a transference of knowledge to society and the industrial sector. 


porous dental implant; fatigue resistance; cellular behavior; surface roughness; chemicaletching; bioglass coating; porous titanium; femtosecond laser; surface modification; instrumented micro-indentation;scratch test; wettability; cellular behavior; cell culture; electrical impedance; femtosecond laser; osseointegration; porous titanium; porous titanium; bimodal microstructure; hot-pressing; powder metallurgy; mechanicalmilling; mechanical behavior; biofilms; gelatin; nanoparticles; iron oxide; antioxidant activity; antibacterial activity; electrospinning; cellulose acetate; ethylcellulose; nanostructures; rheological properties;thermal properties; microstructure; bioplastics; rice bran; rice bran oil; valorization; starch; injection molding; Rugulopteryx okamurae; bioplastics; DMA; injection molding; seaweed; : cost function; controlled release; Arrabidae chica Verlot; chitosan/alginate membranes

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