Book cover: Scientific Advances in STEM: From Professor to Students
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Scientific Advances in STEM: From Professor to Students

Yadir Torres Hernández,
Manuel Félix Ángel,
Ana María Beltrán Custodio and
Francisco Garcia Moreno
, Eds.
Published: December 2021
Pages: 362
ISBN 978-3-0365-1775-9 (hardback); ISBN 978-3-0365-1776-6 (PDF)
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This book collects the publications of the special Topic Scientific advances in STEM: from Professor to students. The aim is to contribute to the advancement of the Science and Engineering fields and their impact on the industrial sector, which requires a multidisciplinary approach. University generates and transmits knowledge to serve society. Social demands continuously evolve, mainly because of cultural, scientific, and technological development. Researchers must contextualize the subjects they investigate to their application to the local industry and community organizations, frequently using a multidisciplinary point of view, to enhance the progress in a wide variety of fields (aeronautics, automotive, biomedical, electrical and renewable energy, communications, environmental, electronic components, etc.). Most investigations in the fields of science and engineering require the work of multidisciplinary teams, representing a stockpile of research projects in different stages (final year projects, master’s or doctoral studies). In this context, this Topic offers a framework for integrating interdisciplinary research, drawing together experimental and theoretical contributions in a wide variety of fields.  


solar energy applications; additive manufacturing; coatings; functional materials; tribological and mechanical behavior; bio residues; biopolymer; computer architecture; artificial intelligence; smart cities; energy forecasting; food; sustainable cities and industries; life cycle assessment; emerging pollutants; porous materials; cellular and bacterial behavior; powder technology

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