Water Quality Modelling, Monitoring and Mitigation

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December 2023
240 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Water Quality Modelling, Monitoring and Mitigation that was published in

Biology & Life Sciences
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This reprint aims to identify critical areas of water quality assessment, modeling, and mitigation in freshwater bodies, wastewater treatment, and groundwater aquifers, which require special attention. This links the volume to multiple regulatory options, including policy and governance measures, alternative ecosystem service dependence options (i.e., nature-based solutions), or mechanisms that link regions to international processes, like measures proposed under the Environmental Protection guidelines. The reprint will pay special attention to water quality assessment, modeling, and mitigation.

  • Hardback
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pumping station pipeline; chaotic characteristic; IVMD; vibration response; correlation dimension; Lyapunov exponent; monitoring; mitigations; spatial and temporal variabilities; principal component analysis; cluster analysis; discriminant analysis; water quality; pollution; correlation; settlement; damage evolution; seepage/stress-damage method; data monitoring; groundwater; heavy metals; physicochemical parameters; in-situ; machine learning; geostatistical analysis; nanofiltration; electrocoagulation; nickel; zinc; copper; heavy metals; water pollution; water pollution; adsorption; copper ions; adsorption mechanism; adsorption kinetics; thermodynamics; expanded S-curve model; domestic water usage; economic development; mathematical model; Sentinel-2; chlorophyll; turbidity; lake; concentration modeling of contaminants; Cuernavaca aquifer; hydrochemistry; water quality index; time series analysis; spatial analysis; water intensity; LMDI model; Tapio model; technical effect; industrial structure effect; regional scale effect; electrocoagulation; tannery effluent; ozonation; optimization; turbidity removal; Taguchi; ecosystem services; provisioning ecosystem services; regulating ecosystem services; cultural ecosystem services; supporting ecosystem services; water quality; monitoring; modeling; mitigations; water quality indexing