Energy Saving, Storage and Carbon Emission Mitigation Application for Buildings

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November 2023
272 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Energy Saving, Storage and Carbon Emission Mitigation Application for Buildings that was published in

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Building decarbonization is now becoming a prerequisite for achieving the Paris Agreement objectives and many UN Sustainable Development Goals. This reprint contains a range of research articles and review articles with a foucs on energy savings, storage, and carbon emission mitigation applications in buildings to address some of the global imperatives and stringent environmental standards related to building energy efficiency, resilience, and sustainability.

  • Hardback
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PCM integrated roof; air layer; MKR index; peak value temperatures; solar heat gain reduction rate; textile fiber waste; reinforced cementitious mortar; thermal insulation; heat transfer analysis; building energy-efficiency; building energy simulation; climate zoning; climatic variables; cluster analysis; degree-days; machine learning; phase change materials; building performance; climatic condition; PCM melting temperature; CO2 reduction; PCM double layer; phase change materials; nanocomposites; graphene: silver nanofillers; building thermal management; energy; exergy; economic; enviroeconomic; residential water heating; PCM; SWH; building energy efficiency; conservation voltage reduction; voltage optimization; energy conservation; demand response; climate change; thermal energy storage; phase change materials; hybrid photovoltaic thermal systems; buildings; biomimetic honeycomb gas cooler; discharge pressure control; exergy analysis; irreversible loss; transcritical CO2 heat pump; thermal insulation; public buildings; national energy policies; energy efficiency; optimum insulation application; energy savings; building decarbonization; data-driven; energy sharing; optimal control; grid-buildings integrated control