Recent Advances in Long-Acting Drug Delivery and Formulations

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November 2023
234 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Recent Advances in Long-Acting Drug Delivery and Formulations that was published in

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The Special Issue titled “Recent Advances in Long-Acting Drug Delivery and Formulations” encompasses versatile and innovative research domains of oral, ocular, brain, and topical delivery systems and chemical approaches (e.g., prodrugs), highlighting the progress made in identifying excipients (e.g., basic amino acids to ameliorate gastric side effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)), polymers, and molecular targets to achieve more effective sustained release systems and safer medicine. In this Special Issue, 78 authors have contributed, with eleven original research articles spanning five continents (Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, and Australasia) providing important insights into the pharmaceutical sciences.

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drug delivery; nanotechnology; alzheimer’s disease; Amyloid-β; solid lipid nanoparticles; SHSY5Y cells; altretamine; cancer therapy; sustained delivery; hydroxyapatite nanoparticles; chemical precipitation method; polymeric film; diabetes mellitus; skin regeneration; wound healing; sodium alginate; sodium carboxy methyl cellulose; microwave; cross-linking; ketoprofen; L-arginine; L-lysine; tris; basic amino acids; writhing; gastric ulcer; chitosan; 1,3,5-benzene tricarboxylic acid; hydrogels; rheology; alginate; BSA; Maillard reaction; age-related-macular degeneration; drug release; fenofibrate; retinal cells; HIV; long-acting subcutaneous injection; raltegravir; cyclisation-activated prodrugs; β-blockers; NSAIDs; corticosteroids; drug delivery; ocular delivery; drug permeability; QSPR; MLR; Alzheimer’s disease; GSK-3β-Wnt/β-catenin; PERK/CHOP/Bcl-2; oxidative stress; cocoa; vinpocetine; diabetes; salbutamol; skeletal muscle atrophy; sarcosine; metabolomics; hydrogels; factorial design; controlled release; topical delivery; texture analysis; rheology; bioadhesion; intermolecular interactions; hydroxypropyl methylcellulose; polyvinylpyrrolidone; n/a