Functionalized Gels for Environmental Applications

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November 2023
182 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Functionalized Gels for Environmental Applications that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science

This Special Issue is dedicated to the synthesis, characterization, and application of functionalized or doped matrices (e.g., hydrogels, aerogels, or sol–gels) for environmental purposes such as the sensing or removal of different toxic analytes. The chemical functional groups or doping materials, such as noble metal nanostructures, quantum dots, and carbon nanotubes, play several roles, donating further features to the host matrix such as particular optical, mechanical, or electrical properties and interacting with the surrounding environment. In addition, the employment of hosting matrices increases handling and portability and opens new horizons for in situ environmental applications.

  • Hardback
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hydrogels; heavy metals removal; wastewater; carbon dioxide capture; poly(amidoamine)s; hyperbranched polymers; macroporous polymers; suspension polymerization; sol–gel technique; anti-fouling properties; fouling release activity; marine bacteria; non-biocide release; amphiphilic coating; thermoresponsive; PFAS; water remediation; cationic hydrogel; peptide; hydrogel; supramolecular gel; water remediation; dye adsorption; pharmaceuticals adsorption; diclofenac; methylene blue; sol–gel; thin films; alumina wafer; IDE; lab conditions; 5 ppm CH4; low-cost/eco-friendly; cross-sensitivity/humidity test; chitosan; copper; diffusion; Liesegang pattern; solubility product; immobilization; silver nanoclusters; fluorescent nanoclusters; poly(ethylene glycol) diacrylate; PEGDA hydrogel; hybrid material; water remediation; heavy metal ions filtering; Pb(II) ions; chitosan; agarose; dyes; diffusion; sorption; hydrogel-based materials; adsorbents; removal of pollutants; isotherm; kinetic; diclofenac sodium; water sustainability; adsorption; n/a