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Prof. Dr. Nikola Puvača


Contributions to MDPI Books

Animal Nutrition and Welfare in Sustainable Production Systems
Open Access Reprint Book
Eva Voslarova
Published: January 2022
Pages: 134
ISBN 978-3-0365-2819-9 (hardback); ISBN 978-3-0365-2818-2 (PDF)
Virulence Factors and Antibiotic Resistance of Enterobacterales
Open Access Reprint Book
Dobroslava Bujňáková,
Ivana Ćirković
Published: January 2022
Pages: 130
ISBN 978-3-0365-2781-9 (hardback); ISBN 978-3-0365-2780-2 (PDF)
Optimization of Veterinary Antimicrobial Treatment in Companion and Food Animals
Open Access Reprint Book
Chantal Britt and
Jonathan Gómez-Raja
Published: October 2021
Pages: 262
ISBN 978-3-0365-2130-5 (hardback); ISBN 978-3-0365-2129-9 (PDF)
Sustainable Organic Agriculture for Developing Agribusiness Sector
Open Access Reprint Book
Published: July 2021
Pages: 330
ISBN 978-3-0365-1219-8 (hardback); ISBN 978-3-0365-1218-1 (PDF)
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