1 November 2023
Prof. Dr. Jie Xiao Appointed Section Editor-in-Chief of Section “Geometry and Topology” in Axioms

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Dr. Jie Xiao has been appointed Section Editor-in-Chief of the Section “Geometry and Topology” in Axioms (ISSN: 2075-1680).

This Section seeks to publish very high-level research manuscripts from geometry and/or topology as well as research that investigates the application of powerful local-to-global tools of significant interest within math, physics, computer science, and beyond. Additionally, this Section seeks to publish Special Issues documenting important works on topics of current interest in the broader geometry and topology community.

Prof. Dr. Xiao is a University Research Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Memorial University, Canada. His research and teaching interests lie in geometric analysis and partial differential equations. In particular, Prof. Dr. Xiao works on the interactions between harmonic analysis, complex variables, and operator theory and also applies techniques from function spaces and potential theory to the study of conformal–differential geometry and heat equations, Navier–Stokes equations, and wave equations.

The following is a short Q&A with Prof. Dr. Jie Xiao, who shared his vision for the journal with us, as well as his views of this research area and open access publishing:

1. What appealed to you about the journal that made you want to become its Section Editor-in-Chief?
It is just a great opportunity to help run the journal. Indeed, Axioms is becoming known as MDPI's flagship journal of mathematics, mathematical logic, and mathematical physics. Needless to say, intuition from geometry, topology and physics provides a foundation for any field of math. So, using my unique background and experience to serve Axioms as the Section Editor-in-Chief for “Geometry and Topology” (which is my favorite) will make the journal stronger than ever.

2. What is your vision for this Section?
This Section aims to not only publish a number of significant manuscripts in the subjects of geometry and/or topology but also help Axioms grow to be a first-class open access math journal.

3. What does the future of this field of research look like?
Researching geometry and topology is not only visual but also fun thanks to geometry and topology's usefulness for either understanding or transforming hard problems from other areas into relatively easy yet solvable problems. So, the bright future of this field lies in its extensive applications to artificial intelligence, biology, chemistry, data science, image process, statistical physics, and many other sciences.

4. Do you have any suggestions for young researchers in this field?
Yes—apart from doing whatever you love, also challenge yourself to work on some fundamental problems of geometrical and/or physical intuition.

5. What do you think of the development of open access in the publishing field?
Of course, the open access publishing field is strongly increasing its popularity through implementing new open access models with benefits for research individuals and communities. Yet, there clearly exists a big challenge concerning both scientific standards and business models. On the one hand, we should strengthen the quality standards of research in open access articles through a high-level evaluation process. On the other hand, we should introduce a fair and sustainable APC model within the open access publishing field. Accordingly, efficiently handling these two basic aspects will lead to the successful development of the open access publishing field.

We warmly welcome Prof. Dr. Jie Xiao as the Section Editor-in-Chief for “Geometry and Topology”, and we look forward to him leading Axioms to achieve many more milestones.

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