13 September 2023
Biology | Top Cited Papers in 2022

1. “Association between Cervical Microbiota and HPV: Could This Be the Key to Complete Cervical Cancer Eradication?”
by Eliano Cascardi, Gerardo Cazzato, Antonella Daniele, Erica Silvestris, Gennaro Cormio, Giovanni Di Vagno, Antonio Malvasi, Vera Loizzi, Salvatore Scacco, Vincenzo Pinto et al.
Biology 202211(8), 1114; https://doi.org/10.3390/biology11081114
Available online: https://www.mdpi.com/2079-7737/11/8/1114

2. “Collagen Extraction from Animal Skin”
by Andrea Marie E. Matinong, Yusuf Chisti, Kim L. Pickering and Richard G. Haverkamp
Biology 202211(6), 905; https://doi.org/10.3390/biology11060905
Available online: https://www.mdpi.com/2079-7737/11/6/905

3. “Confocal Characterization of Intestinal Dendritic Cells from Myxines to Teleosts”
by Alessio Alesci, Gioele Capillo, Angelo Fumia, Emmanuele Messina, Marco Albano, Marialuisa Aragona, Patrizia Lo Cascio, Nunziacarla Spanò, Simona Pergolizzi and Eugenia Rita Lauriano
Biology 202211(7), 1045; https://doi.org/10.3390/biology11071045
Available online: https://www.mdpi.com/2079-7737/11/7/1045

4. “Defense Strategies: The Role of Transcription Factors in Tomato–Pathogen Interaction”
by Maria Doroteia Campos, Maria do Rosário Félix, Mariana Patanita, Patrick Materatski, André Albuquerque, Joana A. Ribeiro and Carla Varanda
Biology 202211(2), 235; https://doi.org/10.3390/biology11020235
Available online: https://www.mdpi.com/2079-7737/11/2/235

5. “The Role of Connexin Hemichannels in Inflammatory Diseases”
by Bo Peng, Chengping Xu, Shuaiwei Wang, Yijie Zhang and Wei Li
Biology 202211(2), 237; https://doi.org/10.3390/biology11020237
Available online: https://www.mdpi.com/2079-7737/11/2/237

6. “The Role of TLR2 in Infectious Diseases Caused by Mycobacteria: From Cell Biology to Therapeutic Target”
by Wanbin Hu and Herman P. Spaink
Biology 202211(2), 246; https://doi.org/10.3390/biology11020246
Available online: https://www.mdpi.com/2079-7737/11/2/246

7. “The Honey Bee Apis mellifera: An Insect at the Interface between Human and Ecosystem Health”
by Giulia Papa, Roberto Maier, Alessandra Durazzo, Massimo Lucarini, Ioannis K. Karabagias, Manuela Plutino, Elisa Bianchetto, Rita Aromolo, Giuseppe Pignatti, Andrea Ambrogio et al.
Biology 202211(2), 233; https://doi.org/10.3390/biology11020233
Available online: https://www.mdpi.com/2079-7737/11/2/233

8. “Utilization of Legume-Nodule Bacterial Symbiosis in Phytoremediation of Heavy Metal-Contaminated Soils”
by Monika Elżbieta Jach, Ewa Sajnaga and Maria Ziaja
Biology 202211(5), 676; https://doi.org/10.3390/biology11050676
Available online: https://www.mdpi.com/2079-7737/11/5/676

9. “The Seed and the Metabolism Regulation”
by Hayat El-Maarouf-Bouteau
Biology 202211(2), 168; https://doi.org/10.3390/biology11020168
Available online: https://www.mdpi.com/2079-7737/11/2/168

10. “Small but Mighty—Exosomes, Novel Intercellular Messengers in Neurodegeneration”
by Meena Kumari and Antje Anji
Biology 202211(3), 413; https://doi.org/10.3390/biology11030413
Available online: https://www.mdpi.com/2079-7737/11/3/413

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