29 August 2023
Agronomy | Most Cited Special Issues

We are pleased to share the most cited Special Issues published by Agronomy (ISSN: 2073-4395). These Special Issues are ranked by the average number of citations (total number of citations divided by the number of papers). The data are for the last 36 months.

You are welcome to browse the Special Issues and the articles published in them that are of interest to you. In addition, you can find more highly cited and viewed Special Issues and articles published in Agronomy here.

1. “Molecular Genetic Improvement of Crop Drought Tolerance
Edited by Bu-Jun Shi
Average Citations: 16.6 | Number of Papers: 10

2. “Applications of Deep Learning in Smart Agriculture
Edited by Saeid Homayouni, Yacine Bouroubi and Karem Chokmani
Average Citations: 14.07 | Number of Papers: 14

3. “Biochar from Agricultural Residues for Sustainable Farming and Recultivation
Edited by Lukas Trakal
Average Citations: 14.07 | Number of Papers: 15

4. “Remote Sensing in Agriculture
Edited by Vijay Singh
Average Citations: 11.77 | Number of Papers: 13

5. “Use of Bio-Fertilizers to Improve Crop Quality and Yield
Edited by Elisa Gamalero, Simone Cantamessa and Patrizia Cesaro
Average Citations: 11.45 | Number of Papers: 11

6. “Crop Yield Prediction in Precision Agriculture
Edited by Miklós Neményi and Anikó Nyéki
Average Citations: 11.4 | Number of Papers: 10

7. “Omics Approaches for Crop Improvement
Edited by Roxana Yockteng, Andrés J. Cortés and María Ángeles Castillejo
Average Citations: 11 | Number of Papers: 11

8. “Worldwide Trends in Agronomy Research: Bibliometric Studies
Edited by Francisco Manzano Agugliaro and Esther Salmerón-Manzano
Average Citations: 9.82 | Number of Papers: 11

9. “Management of Forest Pests and Diseases
Edited by Manuel Nieves-Cordones and Francisco Rubio
Average Citations: 9 | Number of Papers: 10

10. “The Tripartite of Soilless Systems, Growing Media, and Plants through An Intensive Crop Production Scheme
Edited by Nikos Tzortzakis, Daniele Massa and Bart Vandecasteele
Average Citations: 8.4 | Number of Papers: 15

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