6 June 2023
Fishes | Special Issue Mentor Program 2023

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative—The Fishes Special Issue Mentor Program.

This program will enable early career researchers (they must hold a Ph.D. in a related field) to experience editing a Special Issue in MDPI journals, under the mentorship of our experienced Editorial Board Members or other experienced scientists. The mentor program will provide an excellent opportunity for early career scientists to gain editorial experience and to cultivate their ability to edit scientific research.

The mentee’s responsibilities include:

  • Proposing a Special Issue title and assisting the mentor in preparing a summary (around 200–400 words) and 3–10 keywords describing the background, importance, and goal of the issue;
  • Writing a brief promotion plan for the Special Issue;
  • Preparing a list of scholars that may be interested in the issue and personally e-mailing the invitations on behalf of Guest Editors;
  • Writing an editorial for the online Special Issue together with the mentor.

The mentor’s responsibilities include:

  • Conducting a final check before the Special Issue is published online;
  • Performing editorial control of the Special Issue and quality control of the publications in a timely manner;
  • Providing suggestions to younger scholars if they have any doubts or concerns regarding submissions;
  • Organizing video calls with young scholars and the Editorial Office regularly to discuss problems and suggestions for improvements for the Special Issue;
  • Making and submitting decisions for the submissions under the assistance of mentees.

Certificates and awards:

After the Special Issue closes, the Editorial Office will provide official certificates for all the Guest Editor mentors and mentees.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send your Special Issue proposal to the Fishes Editorial Office (fishes@mdpi.com), and we will discuss the process (i.e., mentor collaboration, Special Issue topic feasibility analysis, etc.) in further detail.

In addition to the new Special Issue Mentor Program, Fishes (ISSN: 2410-3888) will continue to welcome all Special Issue proposals focusing on hot research topics.

Fishes Editorial Office

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