21 June 2013
Updated 2012 Impact Factor for the IJMS


The Impact Factor for the International Journal of Molecular Sciences (IJMS) for 2012 is only slightly changed. According to the newly released 2012 Journal Citation Reports® Science Edition (Thomson Reuters, 2013), the new Impact Factor for the IJMS is 2.464 (down from 2.598). However, the 5-Year Impact Factor increased to 2.732 (from 2.617). We see the main reason in change of the 2-Year Impact Factor in the longer delay for citations to happen. While the 'Cited Half-life' was of 2.6 (years) in 2011, it increased to 2.8 in 2012. 'Cited Half-life' indicates the median age of cited materials, i.e. from the citations in 2012, 50% are to papers that were published more than 2.8 years ago. The amount of citations to the IJMS is still on a strong growth path (+68%). The IJMS now ranks 48/152 (Q2) in the category 'Chemistry, Multidisciplinary'.

Evolution of citations to the IJMS since 2006:

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