15 March 2013
Marine Drugs Best Paper Award 2013

With the start of 2013, Marine Drugs is instituting an annual award to recognize outstanding papers related to the research, development and production of drugs from the sea, that meet the high standards of this journal. We are pleased to announce the “Marine Drugs Best Paper Award” for 2013. Nominations were solicited from the Editorial Board members, with all papers published in 2009 eligible for consideration.

Article Award

1st prize: Jason C. Kwan, Kanchan Taori, Valerie J. Paul and Hendrik Luesch
Lyngbyastatins 8–10, Elastase Inhibitors with Cyclic Depsipeptide Scaffolds Isolated from the Marine Cyanobacterium Lyngbya semiplena.

2nd prize: Sigrid Hakvåg, Espen Fjærvik, Geir Klinkenberg, Sven Even F. Borgos, Kjell D. Josefsen, Trond E. Ellingsen and Sergey B. Zotchev
Violacein-Producing Collimonas sp. from the Sea Surface Microlayer of Coastal Waters in Trøndelag, Norway.

Review Award

Barbara Forte, Beatrice Malgesini, Claudia Piutti, Francesca Quartieri, Alessandra Scolaro and Gianluca Papeo.
A Submarine Journey: The Pyrrole-Imidazole Alkaloids.

For more details, please refer to the Editorial by Prof. Dr. Hartmut Laatsch, Editor-in-Chief of Marine Drugs.

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