20 December 2012
MDPI launches its new Open Access Journal Resources (ISSN 2079-9276)

We are pleased to announce the launch of Resources (ISSN 2079-9276), a new journal of natural resources and management, led by the Editor-in-Chief Prof. Dr. Richard F. Kazmierczak, Jr.

Professor Kazmierczak, of the Louisiana State University, has over 200 publications and has received 20 prestigious Awards/Grants. In his opening editorial, the professor confers “The journal seeks to expand, in a rapid and rigorous way, our understanding of natural endowments, their management, and how they interact with the most personal of resources, the human community.” Resources welcomes theoretical and research papers on natural resources and their management, including water; mineral; energy; land; plant and animal; genetic; ecology resources; resource management and policy; resources conservation and recycling.

We hope that Resources will become an invaluable source to those working in natural resources and their management research and the wider scientific community.

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