30 August 2018
Journal Name Change: Sinusitis (ISSN 2309-107X) Henceforth Entitled Sinusitis and Asthma (ISSN 2624-7003)

We are pleased to announce that MDPI’s open access journal Sinusitis (ISSN 2309-107X) has been renamed Sinusitis and Asthma (ISSN 2624-7003) as of the beginning of Issue 3, Vol. 3 (2018). In order to bring the scope of the journal Sinusitis closer to the medical reality, in which diseases of the airways very often do not occur in isolation, but in close association with processes affecting the lower airways—especially in asthma—it has been considered appropriate to change the name of the journal by adding Asthma to the current title.

We invite you to read the kick-off Editorial and to visit the updated website to discover what’s new!


Sinusitis and Asthma (ISSN 2624-7003) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal published quarterly online by MDPI. The journal aims to publish original research articles, reviews, short communications and case reports on clinical and veterinary research, epidemiological and public health studies, and translational science relevant to sinusitis and asthma, their causes and complications, and the relationships between both diseases, contributing to our understanding of the close link between the upper and lower respiratory airways.

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