4 December 2017
Water Editors Presenting at IWA WDCE2017, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Water is pleased to announce that on November 17, 2017, assistant editor Mary Sue Daoud and Water Editorial Board Member Prof. Dr. Michele Mossa (Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy) gave a joint presentation at the International Water Development Congress and Exhibition in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

After Ms. Daoud’s informative talk on MDPI and the journals Water, Resources, Membranes, Hydrology and Environments that sponsored the exhibition, Dr. Mossa presented his research entitled “The Role of Physical Models and Field Monitoring in Environmental and Maritime Hydraulics” to an attentive audience. In his PowerPoint presentation, Dr. Mossa shared photographs and videos of new innovations taking place at the University of Bari, including a 3D wave basin and an off-shore physical model basin. Additionally, he offered insights into the type of work they are doing and its importance to science today. Their presentations were well received and concluded with more people stopping at the MDPI booth to speak personally with our editors and Prof. Mossa and to express their interest in MDPI and Dr. Mossa’s work.

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